bo-sciBotanically formulated. Clinically proven
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Toner - 04
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Toner - AHAToner.Product1
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Toner - AHAToner.Product2

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Toner

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Product Review


I tried a sample of this amazing toner and ended up buying multiple bottles. As soon as I spray it, I can just feel my skin soaking it up - it feels so hydrating and refreshing. It also balances my skin for other products that come afterward - I can feel that my serum and moisturizer get absorbed into my skin a lot better and faster every time I use this toner first. I was never a big toner person before but I’ll be purchasing this item again for sure. Highly recommend.


bo-sciBotanically formulated. Clinically proven

bo-sci creates science-backed, botanically formulated dermacosmetic products for a wide range of skin conditions.

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